5 Minute Pranayama: Instantly Calm Your Mind, Relax Immediately, and Relieve Stress

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5 Minute Pranayama

In our daily life, sometimes finding a few moments of peace could be a challenge. Today, let us explore 5 Minute Pranayama routine that can help to bring calmness to your mind immediately.

To begin, find a comfortable seat, either on floor or on the chair. Keep your spine straight, relax your shoulders and take a moment to release any tension.

Now let’s start with a few normal breaths so that you will become aware of your natural breathing pattern.

And when you are ready, take a deep breath in and slowly exhale Maybe add a positive affirmation like I am healthy, I am happy as you breathe in and out.

One more deep breath and exhale first is equal breathing, This conditioning breath helps to prepare your body for pranayama.

First Pranayama

So let’s understand how to do equal breathing Inhale slowly for a count of four and exhale slowly for the same count.

So let’s do this inhale two, three four, and immediately exhale 2,3,4. Again inhale two three four, and exhale 2,3,4. Inhale 2,3,4 and Exhale 2,3,4.

We have done three times. You can keep a watch in front of you And you can count the seconds.

One count is one second so follow it like that You can do 30 rounds of this count. Begin with three, then increase it to 30 rounds.

It’s a very good practice, It can create even meditative state very fast.

This equal breathing brings balance to your body and mind also really cultivates awareness of your breath.

Regularly practicing equal breathing enhances your respiratory function by encouraging a balanced and rhythmic breath.

This can promote better oxygen exchange in your lungs.

Second Pranayama

Now let’s do pranayama or humming bee breath, Close your eyes take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, create a gentle humming sound like a bee.

Feel the soothing vibration.

So let’s do this five times so for Bhramari pranayama first inhale five counts one, two, three, four and five Full breath in hold your breath. And now create a sound hummmmm and so now the sound came up to 8 to 10 second.

So it would be long, longer than how much you have in here. Preferably double the time that would be more preferable.

So this is how it is to be done. and you can do 3 to 5 rounds in between if you feel little tired Stop doing this.

Do normal breathing and then continue further It’s beautiful pranayama.

So here, when you are keeping your eyes closed and doing this Bhramari pranayama, observe the sensation in your body and sensation in your mind.

The humming sound produced during Bhramari creates vibration that stimulates your vagus nerve.

It activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This activation leads to deep relaxation and response, which reduces stress and induces a calming effect on your body and mind.

Notice the calmness and stillness that arises from this simple and powerful breathing exercise.

Remember dedicating just five minutes for this simple pranayama practice can not only calm your mind, but it can also bring you other powerful benefits.

It builds your immunity and helps you keep in good health. Just give yourself five minutes to calm down and be healthy. Do it and benefit from it.

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