Revitalize your body with a daily glass of this 14 day full-body detox drink

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14 day full-body detox drink

As you go about your busy life, your body often accumulates toxin that can sometimes leave you feeling dull and lethargic.

There are many simple, simple, natural ways to get rid of these toxins. Today, I will give you a recipe of a detox drink that is made up of ash gourd.

This is a 14-day course of detoxifying and energising your body. But before we begin, just a word of caution. Ash gourd juice is generally safe, but it can have some side effects in some people.

So if you have diabetes, the hypoglycemic effect of Ash gourd may interfere with your diabetes medication, and this can lead to low blood sugar level.

Some people also have allergic reaction to Ash gourd so if you’re doubtful, start with a very small dose of this juice.

That too for two, three days, and monitor your body’s response during that time. For those of you who can safely take Ash gourd juice.

Here is the Ash gourd Detox Drink Recipe. You will need one cup of chopped Ash gourd, filled and seeds removed, half cucumber, filled and sliced, juice of one lemon, one Table spoon graded ginger, a handful of fresh mint leaves.

You may adjust the quantities of these ingredients based on your taste preferences. And to make this detox drink, just simply blend all these ingredients into a juicer.

Keep the fibres if you want for more health benefits. You must drink immediately to retain its freshness. Drink this juice for 14 days to see its changes.

Ash gourd and cucumber have high water content, and so they help your kidneys to function properly and remove toxins effectively.

Ginger is good for your digestion and has anti-inflammatory effect. Lemon will provide you with vitamin C for metabolism and also has a mild diuretic effect.

Mint leaves gives a refreshing taste in your mouth and make you feel rejuvenated.

This powerful blend will help your body in getting rid of toxins, make you feel fresh all day long.

Remember, wellness is an ongoing process, and by making small positive changes, you can continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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