Yoga For Weight Loss: 10-Minute Beginner Asanas For Weight Loss Try Now

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Even if you are new to yoga, you will find that this holistic system is very, very beneficial. It is a great way to support weight loss while bringing you general good health.

Today, let’s see some beginner-friendly yoga asanas that you can do in ten minutes to help weight loss.

So let’s begin with conditioning. The standing conditioning asana would be Sthitaprarthan asana stand straight both feet together or little away from each other and in front of sternum. Close your eyes and focus on your balance.

Yoga For Weight Loss

1. Hastauttan asana

Stand straight, both feet, little away from each other in Talasana position, and then while breathing in raise your both arms up, up high and go a little back as much as possible and come straight and come back.

This pose involves reaching your arms overhead and stretching your entire body.

It helps improve posture increase lung capacity, and enhances body awareness.

2. Virabhadr asana

The warrior pose stand straight gently bend your right knee forward and extend your left leg behind Yoga For Weight Loss

Join your both hands from the side upwards and stretch up. Pose this pose for five six seconds.

This warrior pose involves multiple muscle groups, including your legs, core, and arms. This pose helps to increase your muscle strength and boost metabolism.

Yoga For Weight Loss

3. Utkat asana

Third posture is Utkat asana – Stand straight with one foot gap between both the legs. Gently inhale and raise your arms forward at shoulder level. Exhaling, bend your knees and squat down, relax there.

Hold this position for six seconds while inhaling, raise yourself up. Come up and exhaling, bring your hands down.Yoga For Weight Loss

This pose also increases strength. It activates muscles of your thigh, glutes, and core.

It increases muscle mass and results in a higher resting metabolic rate.

4. Konasana 3

Here stand straight keep the gap between both the legs 2.5ft apart. Raise both your arms up and wide open them. Expand your chest. Now look at your right hand, step off the figure.

Twist yourself while exhaling, go towards the left side and bend your hand down to touch your left toe and the other arm up above your head and turn your head to look up at the tip of the finger. Yoga For Weight Loss

Hold this for six seconds and come back in the same way. This pose involves stretching and strengthening of your leg muscles, upper body, and arm muscles.

It helps increase the circulation on your face so helps in cold, cough, sinusitis. Asthma.

Yoga For Weight Loss

5. Malasana

Next, posture is Malasana – Stand straight keep your feet away 2.5ft away. And now join the hands in a namaste position and squat down.

Hold this for a couple of seconds and come back straight. In this deep squat, you use your thigh muscles, hip muscles and lower back muscles.

It improves digestion, and helps clear elimination. It also brings flexibility to your lower body. Yoga For Weight Loss

6. Bhujang asana –

Here lie down on your abdomen and then bring your both arms at the side of your chest. Bend them and then while inhaling, lift your head, neck, and shoulder upwards.

Stay in that position for a maximum six seconds, looking up and back and come back in the same. Bhujang asana strengthens the muscles of your back, arms, and shoulder.

It also stimulates your digestive organs. It improves your posture and increases your spinal flexibility. Yoga For Weight Loss

7. Paschimottan asana

Paschimottan – Here you sit straight and stretch your legs in front of you, both legs joined together. Now your arms on your thigh. While inhaling, bring your arms at the chest level your palm at the chest level, and inhale.

Bend a little bit backward and then while exhaling, stretch and bend forward to touch your toe.

Stay there for sometimes inhaling come back to your double position this forward bend, stretch, stretch your spine, hamstring and lower back. It helps release stress and gives a good compression to your abdominal organs.

8. Nauka asana

Here lie down on your back straight and now lift your both legs, a little above the ground and Simultaneously lift your head and shoulder also above the ground.

Stretch your arms as if you are going to touch the toe. Stay in that position for some time like a boat, and then come back to the normal decision. Nauka asana really activates the belly muscles.

It flexes the hip as well as the lower back. It strengthens your core muscles very well and stimulates the digestive system. Yoga For Weight Loss

9. Shavasana

Finally, Shavasana – lie down on your back, your legs should be two feet away from each other. Spread them and your arm one foot away from your body, both the arms. So this is the simple position.

slowly learn to relax, let little part of your body right from toe, then your knees, your thighs, and like that upwards in the same way from head downwards, relax little little part of your body.

And then finally focus on your abdomen. Breathing in abdomen comes little up breathing out and domain goes a little down.

So stay in that position totally relaxed, as if sinking in the ground and stay for some time, Come back to normal position.

While Shavasana is a relaxation pose, it plays a very big role in reducing stress. Chronic stress can actually cause weight gain. So this practise like shavasana, which really reduces stress, will directly help in weight management.

Remember to focus on your breath and listen to your body. It is very important to practise these asanas regularly, practise mindfully, and pay full attention on how your body is feeling.

Modify the poses as required as you can easily do it with the help of teachers guidance.

If you are new to yoga and if you have a specific health condition, it is better to learn these asanas from an experienced teacher or from a reputed institute.

Also, remember all this yoga techniques needs even a healthy diet and other lifestyle changes which would totally help in effective weight loss.

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