2024 Best Sources of Plant Based Protein : High-Protein Options for Vegetarians

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Plant Based Protein

Generally, people do not even know the power of vegetarian diet for muscle development, which is required for our daily activities.

They think that high protein is only obtained from non-vegetarian sources, and they are wrong. Let me tell you, certain vegetarian food, they also have high protein content.

So today, I’m going to talk about vegetarian protein sources. Actually, there are a lot of options, Let’s see some of them.

Soya bean

Soya beans are like heroes of the plant based protein world. Did you know that about 36 to 38% of its dry weight is protein? Besides protein, they also have essential amino acids.

Soya beans are classified as high protein legumes because protein in soya beans is not only abundant, but also of high quality.

Soya protein is also easy to digest, so it can be a valuable source for meeting your protein needs.

Plant Based Protein

Paneer or Tofu

Second, paneer or tofu. Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese. Paneer is rich in casein protein, which is a slow digestive dairy protein.

Now, this casein releases It is amino acid slowly to support your muscle growth and repair. Tofu made from soya bean is complete protein. Tofu contains all essential amino acid.

The combination of all these proteins in your body gives the varieties of amino acid needed for different bodily function.


Third, Quinoa. Among all grains, quinoa is a unique because it is a complete a protein source, meaning it has all essential amino acids.

So quinoa is very different from other plant based proteins that may lack certain amino acids.

Actually, quinoa is also rich in lysine and amino acid that may or may not be present in other grains.

Sprouts or beans

Fourth, Sprouts or beans. Beans and sprouts are commonly used in most types of cuisines.

Sprouting enhances the nutrition content of beans. What happens when you sprout them is that the sprouting process increases the protein content.

It also makes the amino acid easily available to your body. So it is best to sprout your beans in advance, preferably soaking them in a day before to get their full benefit.

Plant Based Protein


Fifth, lastly, let’s talk about sattu. It’s made from roast gram flour. This flour is also good option of plant based protein and essential amino acids.

Gram flour is made from chickpeas, which are also a high-quality protein source.

Sattu also releases energy slowly because of its high fibre content. This slows down the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body.

Final Word

So these are the whole bunch of delicious and nutritious options for vegetarians to get their protein fixed.

Remember, it’s not just about eating, but also in balanced way. Try these foods in your meals and make your diet a balanced one.

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