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3 Natural Methods to Detoxify Kidneys

Our kidneys are very, very important. They play a very big role of filtering and eliminating waste products from our body.

Sometimes our kidney can be strained or working harder than usual, so it is good to detoxify our kidneys to improve their functioning.

Today we will explore three natural ways of detoxifying kidneys. These include a wholesome recipe, a yoga asana and small lifestyle change.

Detox Drink

First, understand a drink. It would be called as berry detox drink, berries such as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries are not only delicious, but they are rich in phytochemicals that are good for your kidneys health.

You can just eat them raw or make a delicious detox drink.

For this drink, you will need one cup mixed berries such as blueberries, strawberries, cranberries. Just add any berry that are available in that season.

One tablespoon fresh lemon juice one tablespoon fresh mint leaves one to two teaspoonful of honey for sweetening, two cups coconut water with these ingredients. Detoxify Kidneys

Let us see how to bake it, Rinse berries thoroughly, Blend them Combine all these berries with lemon juice, mint leaves and honey.

Add coconut water to the blender, Blend until smooth. Do not strain the mixture, Pour this mixture into a glass.

Garnish with additional mint leaves and berries if you like. Berries contain compound like anthocyanins, which has anti inflammatory and antioxidant property.

These can protect your kidneys from getting damaged. Mint leaves not only have refreshing flavour but also help in digestion.

Lemon reduces the risk of kidney stones and coconut water provides hydration, electrolytes and antioxidants. It really helps in elimination of waste products and improve your kidney function. Detoxify Kidneys


Second, sarvangasana for kidneys health. Your kidneys are located behind the spinal cord, so any yogasana that stretches the lower back is beneficial for kidney.

Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand pose is the yogasana, which has a very strong positive effect on kidney’s functioning.

3 Natural Methods to Detoxify Kidneys

This inverted flow allows the good blood flow to the kidney and gives the good stretch to your lower back.

It gives nice massage to your kidney as you hold your body with your hands around the kidney region. Detoxify Kidneys

Here are the steps for this powerful Asana. Lie on your back. Lift your legs and torso off the ground, supporting your lower back with your hand.

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Keep your body straight with your shoulder, neck and head resting on the ground. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds to a minute with a simple pranayama number four breathing.

Gradually increase the duration up to two minutes. Sarvangasan is an advanced yoga pose. Remember to learn it under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher.

Reduce Consumption

Third, reduce consumption of processed food. Did you know that high salt and high sugar can create more kidney problem?

Better reduce the consumption of processed food which are offered high in salt and sugar. It is a simple yet effective lifestyle change to detox your kidney.

Excessive salt in your diet can increase your blood pressure and put in strain on your kidney to increase the risk of kidney problems, whereas a diet high in sugar will contribute to insulin resistance, inflammation and oxidative stress.

Better have homemade, simple food as your regular diet and once in a while any of these things are okay your body can tolerate. Detoxify Kidneys

Include wholesome and healthy food in your daily routine to detoxify your kidney.

You need to take proactive approach, take control of your own well being and make wise choices to keep your kidney in good health.

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