2024 Oil Pulling Method: Correct Steps for Natural Body Detox with Oil Pulling Method

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Oil Pulling Method

Today we are going to understand what is oil pulling. Now you all must have heard about this name so many times and you must have also heard about the benefits of oil pulling.

But today we are going to cover a few aspects of oil pulling.

1️⃣ First is, what is oil pulling?

2️⃣ What is the origin of oil Pulling?,

3️⃣ What is the right name, the traditional name of oil pulling?

4️⃣ What is the procedure for oil pulling?

5️⃣ What are the benefits of oil pulling?

6️⃣ Most important parts, are whether I do brush first or oil pulling first?

And there are so many other confusions and myths about oil pulling. We are going to cover all of them.

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic practice. The original name of oil pulling is Kavala Graha and Kavala Gandusha, and we find it at, we find details and glimpses about oil pulling or the right name that I took just now, at Charaka Samhita and other books as well.

It has become very popular these days and you must have seen so many television, television celebrities or actors and actresses talking too much about oil pulling And that’s absolutely true.

If you practice oil pulling every day, this is one of the best ways to detox your entire system.

So early in the morning, it pulls out all the toxins from your body through your mouth. We have different dose of, for the excretion of waste of upper body.

So when you wake up in the morning, you clean your body wastes through different mediums, through stool discharge, through urine discharge, through, spitting out your waist, cleaning your teeth, cleaning your tongue, your eyes, your ears, your nose.

So oil pulling is Like you do it with an effort through a complete protocol that through this practice you get rid of the waste of your body and it is a wonderful, wonderful way to detox.

Now, when you practice oil pulling and your system is detoxed, what happens to your body? Of course, your skin starts glowing and it is beautifully said, and you must have heard it so many times that you look half of your age if you practice oil pulling every day.

So all these skin related problems are gone. All the gums related problems are gone. All the stomach related problems are gone.

So in nutshell, oil pulling is a wonderful way and is a wonderful practice to get rid of most of your ailments.

Well, everybody can practice oil pulling. It’s not that only men should practice or women should practice or till a certain age You can practice it.

Everybody can practice it for how long we should practice oil pulling. So it is recommended not to do something on a, you know, regular basis for a very long time.

So you can do it for 15 days. Take a grade gap of five days and again, restart and practice it for 15 days.

This way you can make up your own schedule and you can practice it at your own pace.

So the question, which is most important? How is it done? So to practice oil pulling, we need to take one spoon of oil early in the morning.

☛ Early in the morning means you should be empty stomach while doing it, So go to your wash area and or just take one spoon of oil, which oil can be taken. The best oil for oil pulling is either you can take olive oil or you can take a virgin coconut oil.

☛ just put one spoon of oil in your mouth And what you have to do is roll this oil in your entire mouth. So we roll this oil in our mouth for minimum 10 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.

☛ Then go to your wash area and spit it out. This is very important, Do not take it inside your body because this oil has pulled all the waste from your body, all the toxins, and you need to spit it out.

What are the benefits of oil pulling

☛ when you will spit it out, the color of oil will be absolutely changed. So it’ll turn into something white. Why? Because of the activity that you have done within your mouth with this oil, and of course the toxins that it has fetched from your entire body.

So do not worry that, oh, I took a different color oil and it is coming out in a different color, That’s absolutely okay.

So just spit it out and then you can just wash your orrin your mouth with the plain water. This is the procedure of oil Pulling.

Now the question is what time it should be done? It shall be done early in the morning. Early in the morning means just after you wake up.

What oils we can use, as I told you, virgin coconut oil, or you can use olive oil or you can use Virgin Sesame oil.

That is also one of the good options for this.

The next question, which most of people ask is whether we should brush our teeth before oil pulling or after oil pulling.

So the answer is after oil pulling, make sure first you do oil pulling and then you brush your teeth to get better results.

Now last question is, should We drink water before oil pulling or after oil pulling, definitely before oil pulling, and not just after oil pulling.

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