3 Energy Draining Habits: Boost Your Energy 2024

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3 Energy Draining Habits

In the hurry and worry of modern life, many of us are constantly searching for the ways to boost our energy level, but we forget that some of our own habits are draining our energy level, and that leaves the tired and stressed.

Among these habits, there are major culprits that stand out negative environment, mindless scrolling, and not making self-care a priority.

Our negative environments at home, work or in social circle can have profound impact on our energy level. 3 Energy Draining Habits

Constant exposure to negativity and criticism can create a toxic atmosphere that surpasses creativity and innovation.

The fear of judgement and criticism can stop us from expressing our own ideas or taking calculated risk.

This restricts our success and growth. Constant criticism complaint will also leave you feeling demoralised and powerless. So choose your environment carefully.

Set boundaries against people and situations and people who makes you feel unworthy. 3 Energy Draining Habits

The next thing that drains our energy is mindless scrolling. As we ideally flick through endless posts, images, and update, our mind is constantly consuming and processing information.

The brainpower needed for such processes creates a huge load on our brains that, over time, saps our mental energy.

The brain reward system also forms our habits of being triggered by likes, comments, and shares. 3 Energy Draining Habits

This can create a cycle of instant gratification, which means that we don’t get likes, comments or shares or mood falls and we feel upset and sad.

Mindless scrolling also leads to time slipping away unnoticed, leaving us feeling unfulfilled and drained because we are not able to find time to do the important task we have for the day.

Sometimes the competitive and superficial nature of the content also makes us feel inadequate and emotionally unsatisfied so enjoy your online time.

Make sure that you don’t spend all your time online. If you do so, then it will become a major drain on your image. 3 Energy Draining Habits

The third thing that drains our energy is not prioritising self-care. We often fall into a trap of neglecting self-care, because we think that there is no need to spend time on ourselves, that is a big mistake.

Till you don’t care for yourself, you won’t be able to take care for others. Prioritising your self-care is the need.

Prioritising self-care means making intentional choices like starting a day slowly without worry. 3 Energy Draining Habits

You can create your own asana routines or meditative practise, devoting only 15 minutes your morning time on this and you will see a huge difference into your mindset.

If mornings are difficult, then set aside some time for you at night or try to do a deep breathing practise before you go to bed.

Self-care also includes other activities, from adequate sleep and regular exercise to nurturing social activities, nurturing social connetion and doing something that brings you joy and relaxation.

Choose whatever feels good to you and consciously make time in your routine and in your day. 3 Energy Draining Habits

This will bring a sense of joy and love into your life and protect your energy.

Recognizing the habits that drain your energy is a crucial step to being happy and healthy in life. So work on these habits and create a better life for you.

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